The Syncers

1000 Syncers with commercial rights have appeared on #ZkSync!


Syncers on the zkSync Era blockchain.

  • 1000 Syncers
  • Will You Drink The Juice?
  • Syncoria Is Calling
  • Where Will The Lore Take Us Next?
  • Is Your Syncer Delisted?
  • The Juice Is Coming
  • Are You Thirsty?
  • Get Ready.


In a world far beyond our own, there exists a parallel dimension called Syncoria. This world is powered by the energy of synchronization, a force that binds all living things together in harmony and balance. In Syncoria, there are special beings known as Syncers who are born with the ability to harness this energy and use it to perform incredible feats. Each Syncer has a unique set of abilities and can channel their synchronization energy in different ways, such as creating powerful bursts of energy, manipulating time and space, or even controlling the elements themselves.

However, with great power comes great responsibility. Syncers are tasked with maintaining the delicate balance of Syncoria and protecting it from those who seek to exploit its energy for their own gain. To aid them in their mission, Syncers are trained in specialized academies and mentored by experienced elders who have mastered their synchronization abilities. As Syncers grow in strength and knowledge, they are tested by increasingly challenging missions that push them to their limits. Some choose to use their powers for good, while others succumb to the temptation of darkness and become corrupted by their own power.

The fate of Syncoria rests in the hands of its Syncers, who must use their powers wisely and protect the balance of the world at all costs.

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Only 1000 Syncers will ever exist. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Answers to the most commonly asked questions!

Was this a free mint?

Yes it was!

Where can I buy Syncers?

The Syncers are currently available on two zkSync Era NFT marketplaces. Mintsquare & Zonic!

What is the total supply?

Only 1000, nothing more nothing less.

Is there any utility?

Yes, keep an eye on the Juice Leaks channel in Discord over the next couple of weeks.

What Are Royalties For?

All royalties from secondary sales are collected and kept in The Syncers deployer wallet. These funds will be reinvested into the project to help with funding development.

What happens if I drink the juice?

We can't say just yet, but amazing things will happen to you if you drink it.